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cheap replica handbags They admit on their website it is not secure and they are open to coding suggestions.Um, Fake Designer Bags they “open to coding suggestions” because it an open source protocol, and that what open source means? They say it not to be considered secure yet because it still not mainlined into the Linux kernel (but it now in process and Linus Torvalds himself said it If you followed the WireGuard mailing list you know Jason states the to be considered production ready is an ass covering statement and actually WireGuard is fine. How do you think Mullvad, AzireVPN and others are using it without hacked Serious question. Why the secrecy around your VPN provider if they working on WireGuard? It an OPEN source project.I assuming you not read the whitepaper and the third party security audits?Edit: Yeah, downvote but don reply.The following statement come from an email I sent to them a few weeks ago:You are correct in that WireGuard does not have any dynamic address management unlike OpenVPN, and that client addresses are hard coded (which is seen by the WireGuard IP that you receive from us) And yes, in the WireGuard configuration on each server it has the pubkey and the internally assigned WireGuard IP (within the range, but most are within cheap replica handbags.