Cllr Susan van de Ven asked if the review would highlight

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Designer Replica Bags Cambridgeshire’s bed blocking problem: review replica bags from china of health system expectedCalls are being made to improve the situationLast week it was revealed that Cambridgeshire is one of the worst place in the country for bed blocking replica designer bags wholesale and now the county is anticipating a review of its health system.Bed blocking also known as “delayed transfer of care” is what happens when a patient who doctors have said is fit to leave is still occupying a hospital bed.It’s a problem not only for the patients directly affected, but for the hospital as a whole, pushing up waiting times and meaning there are luxury replica bags fewer beds available for people who might need them.In March this year, there was so much demand on Addenbrooke’s A department that it was forced to close temporarily.Review of the system expected Cambridgeshire is likely to be included in an upcoming round of Care Quality Commission (CQC) reviews into health services, to be announced in May.At a county council health and wellbeing board meeting today (April 24), councillors agreed to prepare for a possible review.Cllr Susan Van de buy replica bags online Ven asked if a replica bags online review would help highlight local issues such as problems with replica bags buy online recruitment and the high cost of accommodation for staff.She said these were putting people off NHS Discover More Here work and making the bed blocking situation worse.Cllr Susan van de Ven asked if the review would highlight problems with recruitment. Picture: Keith JonesCllr Sue Ellington wanted assurance that the board would not spend too many valuable resources responding to a review instead of working to improve the situation.Cllr Peter Topping said a review from the high replica bags CQC could help to improve services, but he said the board should not lose sight of how bed blocking affected the individuals, particularly the elderly, who relied on the service.”The report doesn’t really make any reference to the impact on people,” said Cllr Topping. “Do we understand the impact of delayed transfers of care on people, particularly on the elderly, as well as the requirement of just hitting the numbers?”The committee heard that delayed transfers of care had a profound effect, and that people deteriorate “mentally and physically” the longer they stay in hospital. Designer Replica Bags

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