For years, younger leaders in the BJP, like Gopinath Munde and

When Uddhav expressed his hurt this week that the Sena had helped the BJP reach its goals but the BJP was hell bent upon destroying his party, I wondered, though, what had taken him so long to realise that fact. For years, younger leaders in the BJP, like Gopinath Munde and Gadkari, who otherwise disagreed on just about everything, were of one view that the Sena was not really helping the BJP grow in Maharashtra and their party needed to strike out on its own to expand its base in the state. But they were always reined in by senior leader LK Advani, not buy replica bags online only because he had much regard for Bal Thackeray but also because he didn want to risk losing seats in his bid for prime ministership by divorcing the Shiv Sena at the wrong time.

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