In February, Woods said he had been in therapy for issues,

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Replica Bags Wholesale “I’ve come out better,” Tiger Woods says after weeks in rehab following infidelity”It’s a closed case,” Woods says when asked whether Ambien led to car crashWife Elin Nordegren won’t attend Masters, Tiger Woods says Infidelity allegations dogged golf champ after car accident in NovemberAugusta, Georgia (CNN) A humbled Tiger Woods returned Monday to Augusta National Golf Club and told reporters that he has emerged from rehab a better man, if not a better golfer.”I’m trying as hard as I possibly can each and every day to get my life better and better and stronger, and if I win championships along the way, so be it,” said the four time winner of the Masters, which tees off at Augusta National on Thursday.Woods’ 35 minute news conference came more than four months after he crashed his Cadillac Escalade into a fire hydrant and a tree outside click to read more his family’s home in a suburb of Orlando, Florida.Read transcript of Woods’ news conferenceThe November 27 incident, which left him with a sore neck and a cut on his lip that required five stitches, also set in motion the crash of his storybook life.A few days beforehand, the National Enquirer had reported he was having an affair with a New York nightclub hostess, who denied it. But that allegation was followed by others, and Woods’ tightly controlled world and image soon began to crumble, threatening his five year marriage to former model Elin Nordegren.Just after Christmas, he entered a rehabilitation center, where he stayed for 45 days.”It was to take a hard look at myself, and I did, and I’ve come out better,” he said.In February, Woods said he had been in therapy for issues, which he did not explain, and he acknowledged multiple extramarital affairs.He was no more forthcoming on Monday. Asked what the rehab was for, he said, “That’s personal, thank you.”Blog: Why Tiger will win The replica bags from china MastersDuring his treatment, he said, he missed the first birthday of one of his two children Replica Bags Wholesale.