International packages are only USPS responsibility when they

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cheap Canada Goose We added a flower frog to ours you don’t have to do that. You don’t have to add a frog you can add anything you want canada goose shop new york city even a teacup. Friends and family who come over are always trying to get my husband to make them one. You can call them directly during business hours or call 1 800 ASK USPS any other time. Try to include dates, tracking info, destination, insurance, class of mail, and any other steps you have already taken in your post.Please check out our Wiki page for more info.Please have tracking number available when asking a question regarding tracking.International packages are only USPS responsibility when they are in the cheap canada goose United States. Once they left the country, it is the responsibility of that country shipping service.Customs and USPS are separate. cheap Canada Goose

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