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Replica Designer Handbags Familiar face: Potton in action for Royston against former club Chesham earlier this seasonGet daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticePotton was part of the Chesham United team who just missed out on the title four years ago before scoring the goal which put them ahead in the play off final against St Albans, only to go on and lose 3 1.The goalscoring midfielder has since spent three years in National League South with the team who beat Chesham to the title, Hemel Hempstead, before moving on to Rosyton in the summer.Three successive wins over the festive period for best replica designer his new club, including a 3 0 victory at Bishops Stortford on New Year’s Day, has seen them climb to eighth in the Southern Premier standings, seven points off the high end replica bags play off places.”Some teams would get promoted (as Royston were last season) and have the mindset of just looking to stay up,” said cheap designer bags replica Potton. “But when I sat down with the manager at the start of the season, they said they were looking to make their mark on this league.”The play offs are what we’re aiming for at the moment. This Royston squad is just as good as the Chesham squad I made the replica bags online final best replica designer bags with, if not with a little bit more Replica Designer Handbags.