“Love was what God gave you to make you both unbearably strong

Designer Replica Bags How can you morally justify players like Josh Gorden losing years of their prime just for smoking weed, but letting dudes like Tyreek Hill play even though Hill crimes actually harmed another person?It pisses me off how the NFL want to take a hard line on morality, but a player like Hill gets a free pass simply because he that damn talented.You mean that glorified slap on the wrist? If Tyreek was just some random dude, most of the public would want him behind bars, but because he runs a fast 40 yard dash and plays for your favorite team, it now all about “forgiveness” or “rehabilitation”. Do you not see the blatant hypocrisy in this line of reasoning? Why is there a different moral standard for famous athletes?Reel it back. What makes you think his punishment was out of the norm? Been hearing this a lot but the reality is that a vast majority of first time offenders of DV do not go to prison, especially if the victim testifies on behalf of the accused. Designer Replica Bags

high quality replica handbags Now, that doesn’t mean love is without accountability. When someone like Brevik commits a violent crime, perhaps the best way to love is to give the offender a long time out, send him to prison and while incarcerated, encourage him to take accountability and realize the magnitude of grief he caused. If that kind of reflection is beyond his capability, then, for the sake of his soul, the loving response is to keep him in a place where he cannot perpetrate more crimes (this assumes that the prison is not an abusive environment in and of itself, which, unfortunately, many penal institutions are).. high quality replica handbags

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Fake Designer Bags It may sound like an odd thing to say for a book that’s so unflinching in its look at violence, but Markley’s novel is, in the end, about love how it can unite and divide, sustain and destroy. “Love was what God gave you to make you both unbearably strong and intolerably weak,” he writes. “Love was the ghost of yourself, a mirror image you saw in a crowd different life, different ideals, different map of the world but somehow still you.” Written with a real love for its characters, Ohio isn’t just a remarkable debut novel, it’s a wild, angry and devastating masterpiece of a book.. Fake Designer Bags

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