My wife and I had tickets for seats in the last row of the

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Canada Goose Outlet (AAP VIDEO/Supplied/Aussie Ark)Environmental campaigners say we must stop the growing animal extinction crisis taking place in our country by canada goose kensington parka uk introducing new laws and regulatory oversight to address the problem and avoid ecological disaster.In the face of growing calls from environmental groups, a government inquiry was set up earlier this year to canada goose outlet europe look at the declining population and conservation status of Australia nearly 500 threatened species, and environment laws and monitoring programs.At a hearing in Melbourne today, the inquiry, Australia Faunal Extinction Crisis, heard from groups including the Wilderness Society, which is recommending a complete overhaul of environmental laws in the country.has one of the world worst records for extinction and protection of animal species, it said in its submission. Depend on thriving ecosystems for their wellbeing and prosperity, and extinction fundamentally threatens the healthy functioning of these ecosystems. Group said it recommends a complete overhaul of Australia national environment laws to better protect threatened species.It is also calling for enhanced protection for the habitats of at risk animals and a national environment plan to set objectives for state and federal governments that would be reviewed every five years.needs to act quickly to stem the tide of extinction, the organisation said.RELATED: The mass extinction event going unnoticedToday there are only three known populations of canada goose outlet location mountain pygmy possums.reform should include natural and heritage protection across jurisdictional boundaries for stronger protections and the restoration of threatened species, endangered ecological communities and damaged marine ecosystems, wrote independent Tasmanian MP Andrew Wilkie in his submission to the inquiry in September.current silo approach where local, state and federal governments work independently of one another must end, Mr Wilkie urged.DISAPPOINTING RECORD LIKELY TO GET WORSERoughly 11 per cent of Australia 273 endemic land mammal species are already extinct since European settlement, according to a 2015 study Canada Goose Outlet.