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I been busy with immigration issues locally, and didn expect to see them here on /r/bonsai. As individuals, we all have our opinions, and as a community, we need to deal with those opinions every so often. If you here to ignore the outside world, alas, you have to stick your head deeper in the sand and unsubscribe or whatever.

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moncler sale Why’d you choose FM if you wanted urban hospitalist, out of curiosity?Anyhow, work hard and you can prob get it. But I hope you have connections.Match17throwaway 3 points submitted 11 months agoA few of our local EM residency programs (large, East Coast metro area) are at Level 2s. They will only hire BC/BE AB(O)EM, uk moncler sale because residents can only train under these physicians.I rotated through a rural level 2 trauma center in the South as a med student, and non EM trained physicians were only hired for Fast Track (ESI 4 5) and worked equivalent shifts of mid levels.The number of EM residency positions is exploding. moncler sale

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