About Us

Patoura Moulding are manufacturers of phenolic knobs and handles.

Our products are made to last – they’re strong, heat resistant, highly functional and very attractive. We produce knobs and handles that will resist temperatures up to 200˚C and will continue to perform in the most demanding applications such as on agricultural equipment and industrial machinery.  You can choose from our carefully designed range of standard products or we can work with you to create solutions customised to your particular needs. 

Phenolic is a material with good electrical properties, proven dimensional stability and good mechanical strength.  It is light, durable, non-corrosive, inert and non flammable. Phenolic is also resistant to grease, oils, solvents and softening under heat.

We are also manufacturers of the Classic Pub Ashtray and Trophy Plinths.

We offer a free tooling design service for our clients and can manufacture from tooling supplied or can arrange manufacture of tooling to suit requirements.

We are a family owned and operated business so you can be assured your needs are vitally important to us and that your total satisfaction is our goal.

Peter and Vanessa and the team at Patoura Mouldings.

July 2014