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canada goose black friday sale Already I seeing recent versions have come a long way from the early versions, and Dell is now selling the ScaleIO ready nodes (similar to the VSAN ready nodes) that are pretty competitively priced and flexible in configuration. ScaleIO still can be pricey once you add in your operating system license costs since it needs a host OS to run, but once up and running makes for a very compelling solution in this space. Actually, zero value is being too kind. canada goose black friday sale

canadian goose jacket If you’re concerned that you might be excluding women from feminism without realizing it, good. canada goose outlet los angeles This is a sign that you want your feminism to be inclusive, and that’s wonderful. Conversely, if you’re super confident that you’re not excluding women from feminism, you almost definitely are doing so without knowing it. canadian goose jacket

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canada goose coats A question for you possibly just me being dense, but I can seem to get this to run. I followed the instructions on the github page, and added the additional requirement of “chardet” that doesn canada goose outlet get installed, but I not sure what canada goose outlet store toronto to use for the PhishTank “URL”. None of the APIs I can see have a “last” function, and the url seems to be the entry point into the usage of the feed. canada goose coats

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Canada Goose online They’d be going from a salary that allows them to own a big diesel truck, their wives to own big Chevy suvs (“coal miners wife” is just about synonymous with gold digger here), several ATVs/boats/bikes, and a huge canada goose outlet canada house to minimum wage or something at least $15 less than they make now.Former mining towns are turning into ghost towns because the canada goose outlet parka young are moving away because our government refuses to do anything to bring life into the state, laid off miners are running to the Carolinas to mine minerals like gold and diamond, and those that canada goose outlet toronto stay are desperately addicted to drugs and slinging dope to keep canada goose outlet uk up their “image” (but of course everyone in WV right now wants to start a war over the fact that drug addiction is a “cHoiCE” so these addicts aren’t getting the help they need to rehab back into reality).West Virginia is like a beautiful, hand painted post card that when you look too closely your realize all the trees are bodies and the rivers are bloody.It complicated, and all kinds of fucked up. My family were coal miners from VA/WVA, canada goose coats uk including an uncle who once owned a mine.At this point, the current generation mostly hasn worked in the mines. And their dads might have worked somewhat in the mines, or worked for mining companies, but they weren regular miners Canada Goose online.